All White Aesthetic: Boring or BINGO?

All White Aesthetic: Boring or BINGO?

all white aesthetic

If you want to go ahead and draw a line in the sand when it comes to design, you just need to toss out one topic:

Team All White Aesthetic or Team Anything Else...

We've never seen a design trend that has such a devoted, almost cult-like, following as the all-white movement does. It dominates the design blogging scene and is a powerful presence on home design and makeover shows as well. I seriously don't know if I've opened up my Instagram feed in the past 3 years without scrolling past a pic of an all-white room in some facet or another. I'm sure you can relate.

People make the argument that the all white aesthetic lacks personality. I've heard complaints left and right about how unwelcoming, cold and generally boring white can be.

all white aesthetic

On one hand, I majorly get it. White can be all of those things if you're not careful and we are definitely seeing way too much of the same stuff over and over.

White saturation overload.

But on the other hand, white is also pretty timeless. People have literally been decorating their homes using white as a foundation since anyone started caring about that sort of thing. So while this recent surge in an all-white aesthetic is definitely TRENDY, you only have to take a look around the world to see that in some areas, minimalistic white is a way of life. Greece,'s friggin' classic!

You can't argue with the fact that a white aesthetic provides a pretty fantastic blank canvas to start from. It's easy to add drama and color with your other design choices, tossing in a patterned kilim rug or textured wall hanging, colorful tile or artwork, throw pillows, hanging plants, whatever. White can give off a well-designed vibe with minimal effort.

White can be a safe place to start. White means you don't have to commit to something more serious, it's budget-friendly (there are some seriously great shades of white that won't break the bank) and gives you some flexibility when you're feeling overwhelmed by your 27 different inspiration boards on Pinterest...SO MANY CHOICES TO MAKE! all white aesthetic

White is also an easy and affordable way to make your space feel bigger and can really open up a room that otherwise might feel small. These are all design choices to consider when you're caught up in conflicted feelings on the issue of whether or not white is the way to go.

I say don't sweat it.

There's really no need to take a hardline stance on either side of the debate. Yeah, maybe the all white aesthetic is overdone right now, but it's also pretty classic and won't ever fully go away, nor should it! Trendy stuff tends to ebb out over time and we should start seeing the current wave of white overload start to recede a little bit as personal tastes grow and evolve.

Maybe white works for you, maybe it doesn't. Either way, you get to choose.

Ain't it a wonderful world?!

lead image: Domaine | image 1: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home | image 2:  Design Sponge | image 3:  Domino

All you white devotees, if I missed something here maybe you can help explain your obsession a little bit better? I wanna know why YOU love your white! And if you went the opposite direction from white (colors, much?), I definitely want to hear about that too. 

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