What’s To Love About A Waterfall Edge Countertop

What’s To Love About A Waterfall Edge Countertop

Adding a waterfall edge isn't anything new.  Design-wise, I've noticed a huge uptick in their popularity which I think can be partially attributed to how many people are foregoing traditional layouts with separate dining spaces in favor of living areas that are multi-functional. We're talking flow here people, and waterfall edge counters make that transition so smooth.

People are saying no to formal dining rooms and yes to islands and functional counter space which is where a waterfall edge countertop can really shine.  These countertops make it easy to add storage space and open shelving,  and a whole lot of style to any space, really.

In the past, they've maybe been considered an edgy, modern choice, but I've seen them incorporated into all sorts of different home and design styles and am convinced that if you love the look, it can really work just about anywhere. Bonus points if you get a particularly gorgeous slab of whatever material you decide to go with. Quartz? Marble? Yes, please, let that veining do its thang!

A waterfall edge can also take care of the whole beat up end panel situation that happens with people kicking their dirty feet and leaving scuff marks and whatnot. A waterfall edge is way easier to keep clean and looks so sharp in comparison. Using a stone like granite or quartz that's incredibly durable and difficult to scratch is worth considering if you've got a family or an area that sees some heavy traffic.  I've even seen some pretty incredible concrete countertops with waterfall edges too.

Waterfall edge countertops are a real statement piece and give a room a major focal point, especially if you've got an open floor plan like we talked about above. They add a sleek sense of drama while keeping things chill.

A bold choice, for sure, but we're 100% on board!


I love the look on oversized islands, amazingly stylish and just cool. Who wouldn't want to hang out around an island like this? Sign me up and pass the grapes...

Waterfall edge counters aren't necessarily limited to islands, they can be incorporated instead of an end cap most anywhere. I mean, this bathroom is pretty much the business and that little waterfall edge packs a real punch in a small space.


This kind of countertop requires extreme precision in the cut and installation, see what I mean? Perfectly angled! Talk about the importance of having someone who really knows what they're doing when it comes to cutting a slab and installing this type of countertop in your space.



You've also got options,  I'm loving this variation of a bar extending from a waterfall edge. Different materials using sleek stone and rustic wood, it totally works!


If you've installed a waterfall countertop in your living space we want to hear about it! ... Pictures? Please share! Still on the fence after this post? 

Let's talk! 


*lead image: Rock My Style| image 1:  Blake's London | image 2: Apartment Therapy| image 3: Live Like You by Jill Sorensen| image 4: Amy Aidinis Hirsch

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