Shop Traveling Home Episode 5: Fiji Inspired Bathroom

Shop Traveling Home Episode 5: Fiji Inspired Bathroom


Welcome to our indoor/outdoor bathroom week! This is one of Garrett's (@garrettgee of @thebucketlistfamily) most looked-forward-to rooms! The Gee's absolutely love the water and this bathroom was inspired by the waterfalls of Fiji! Andy and Candis had the biggest tub ever made and it looks beautiful against the tile and minimalist decor.

A very special thanks to Wayfair for their amazing products...did you know that they have SO MANY building materials like tile, sinks and faucets?!  Seriously, so great.

One of our favorite things in this space from Wayfair is the tile. It's an incredible cement tile with a beautiful pattern that really sets the tone of the room. Candis wanted the bathroom to still feel like it fit with the rest of the 1920's house so she chose a console sink with brass legs and a towel holder detail. The brass Delta faucets were a special request from Garrett--he wanted something that could be full pressure hot OR cold, so these were a perfect fit!

Shop the room below!


(Prices and items shown reflect time of publishing, and can change as they go on sale, etc!)

  1. Turkish Bath Towel $34.99
  2. Cement Tile $26.76 sq/ft
  3. Sink Faucet $217.00
  4. Round Mirror $100.48
  5. Shower Faucet $191.77
  6. Towel Hooks $22.99
  7. Hand Towel $33.99
  8. Peacock Decor $51.62
  9. Console Sink $507.59

Again, many thanks to Wayfair for helping us make this room special!

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