Modern White Dresser, A West Elm Inspired Ikea Hack

Modern White Dresser, A West Elm Inspired Ikea Hack

Oh Ikea, we just can't quit your hacks. Especially when they're as amazing as this modern white dresser Ikea hack from Kristina Lynne, Looking straight out of a West Elm catalog, ya'll.

Kristina took a basic pine IKEA TARVA dresser and had her husband help her shave the legs down to reflect a more MCM vibe. Then she painted it white and swapped the knobs for these cool modern brass ones, added a deep stain on the legs and voìla!  The hardest part was assembling the dang dresser which, hey, we've all been there right? Swearing over Swedish instructions while gripping a tiny Allen wrench in our sweaty fingers, pure torture. Any Ikea hack or any Ikea assembly, in general, is going to give you these same problems. The transformation is the easy part!

See all the details on Kristina's blog HERE. I'm always in awe at the level of creativity it takes to look at something and make a few basic tweaks to transform it into something entirely different and much more magical. I mean when you look at what she started with and where she ended up...totally night and day! Basic pine to MCM chic. Heck. Yes.


And man, she saved herself some major cash too. The West Elm dresser she used as inspiration is listed at $999, and the Tarva retails for only $179.  Kristina, you're a wizard, we'd love to see another Ikea hack from you sometime soon!

I mean, pretty amazing, right? Raise your hand if you're running to IKEA this weekend because the inspiration is just too thick. Let's do it! 

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  • Gabrielle Clarke October 29, 2017 at 11:50 am

    I love this! Dresser turned out so beautiful!

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