Look For Less: CB2 Roadhouse Bar Stool

Look For Less: CB2 Roadhouse Bar Stool

My stars, the CB2 Roadhouse bar stool has been taking enough victory laps around the design scene that they're currently on backorder and not scheduled to ship until September. We totally get it! Gorgeous leather detailing, sleek design, they're so versatile.

cb2 roadhouse barstool

image: HonestlyWTF


cb2 roadhouse barstool

image: E Interiors

image: Royal Roulotte

However, at $279 a pop they sure can put a huge dent in the old design budget which is why we got to wondering if we could find a suitable dupe to fill our style cups with a little bit less painful price tag. What we found might surprise you!

The CB2 Roadhouse is a pretty close match to the Giron leather bar stool or the Fernando counter stool by Jayson Home:

Cb2 Roadhouse:

Giron Leather Bar Stool:

Fernando Counter Stool:


I mean, brothers from another mother, right? Except the price tag on the Giron is a cool $795, the Fernando at $695 (tomato/potato) in comparison to the Roadhouse at $279, bargain!

If you're still in love with this style but don't have the budget to burn for either, here's a couple of wallet-friendly alternatives:

 The "Cedric" by Christopher Knight Home (set of 2!),  $107.99 - faux leather but still a spot on twinner, found on Overstock.

Lotusville Antique Leather Bar Stools, $143 (set of 2) - Made of bonded leather, an insane deal and pretty spot on lookalike for the CB2 version. The reviews are all positive too, another Overstock score.

Caeden Bar Stool Faux Leather, $87.99 - Oh hey there Target, we see you.

You can't argue with an original, the CB2 Roadhouse barstool is the muse that launched a thousand designer's dreams.  But as you can see, you've still got plenty of other options too so if you need to keep your budget on track, we've done a bit of the work for you. See anything you like, let us know! 


*lead image: Leclair Decor

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