Currently Crushing: The Jungalow’s Bathroom Remodel

Currently Crushing: The Jungalow’s Bathroom Remodel

Currently crushing so hard on The Jungalow's bathroom remodel (@thejungalow). The built-in niches and those custom Fireclay tiles (@fireclaytile) on both the tub and wainscoting,  absolute works of art.


I've been watching this project progress in the little sneak peaks Jungalow designer Justina Blakeney would post here and there.

This shot of their installer laying out that incredible herringbone pattern is just so so good. A small peek into the actual artistry it takes to bring such a grand vision to life.

If you've ever had any interaction with a tile saw, you know what a feat this type of undertaking really is. So many small cuts, so much measuring, and then measuring again, we can totally relate. Our hat's off to their installer, well done!


We're pretty much waiting with bated breath for a post with the finished result so we can get the full report.  I mean look at that incredible free standing sink created from a raw edge slab, such a beautiful natural element to add to this 100% unique space.

Details, people, they matter!


Do you love the Jungalow's bathroom remodel it like we do? Let's talk about your favorite part (ours is the tile, obvs. Okay, it's everything). 

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