Why You Need A  Sputnik Chandelier In Your Life, Right Now!

Why You Need A Sputnik Chandelier In Your Life, Right Now!

Today's incredible solar eclipse seen in variations of totality across the U.S. has us thinking about all things space age and celestial so naturally, we're gravitating toward a sputnik chandelier and every variation thereof.


Sputnik or starburst chandeliers, call them what you like. They've been around since the glory days of the Atomic Age and really peaked between 1950-1960.

Maybe your mind is wandering to Don Draper and Mad Men (my mind wanders there a lot, I don't blame you...) and you'd be exactly right, the sputnik chandelier was a lighting design staple back then, deep in the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic.

Even if MCM design isn't exactly your jam, you can still rock a sputnik. That's what makes it so great! Sputnik chandeliers have this way of transcending nearly every type of design style and feeling right at home. They're that one kid we all knew who managed to be popular without even trying.

Effortlessly cool, (just like me).

So really what we're saying is if you don't already have a sputnik chandelier and you've been thinking deeply about it, just get one. Everyone needs a sputnik.

lead image: Spruce Interior via Apartment Therapy | image 1: Desire To Inspire | image 2: West Elm Vega

Open Shelving – Is It Right For You?

Open Shelving – Is It Right For You?

Deciding to commit to open shelving can feel a little bit like opening up your underwear drawer for everyone to see. A real risk if you know what I mean.

If you're not the most organized or have any hoarding tendencies whatsoever, open shelves have a way of forcing your hand. You can't just jam stuff in a cupboard and shut the door. No more "out of sight out of mind". There's also the argument that open shelves just give dust and grease a place to settle in and get comfy. This may definitely be true if your shelves are hosting stuff you don't use on a regular basis.

EVEN SO, we're big fans of the open shelving done right (and organized underwear drawers) for a lot of reasons. Adding open shelving in place of more traditional cabinetry can really open up your space and instantly make things feel bigger and brighter. You can count on easy access to your most used kitchen goods and say "bye Felicia" to clunky cabinets and slamming doors.

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What’s To Love About A Waterfall Edge Countertop

What’s To Love About A Waterfall Edge Countertop

Adding a waterfall edge isn't anything new.  Design-wise, I've noticed a huge uptick in their popularity which I think can be partially attributed to how many people are foregoing traditional layouts with separate dining spaces in favor of living areas that are multi-functional. We're talking flow here people, and waterfall edge counters make that transition so smooth.

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