Shop Traveling Home Episode 8: Living and Dining Room

Shop Traveling Home Episode 8: Living and Dining Room

We have all the feels this week. Our season finale has come and we are so beyond happy for The Bucket List Family to come home. Thanks to Wayfair, their home is absolutely beautiful and ready for their new adventure: Home. Great job, Andy and Candis, you've really brought this house to life!

The living and dining room are filled with classic pieces from Wayfair that all have a timeless and global feel. Our favorite: THE WALLPAPER and antique rugs! This is truly such a special place, get the look at your own home!

Shop the room below!

  1. Sectional Couch
  2. Museum Style Mask
  3. Antique Rug
  4. Entertainment Center
  5. Crane Lamp
  6. Navy Pillow
  7. Decorative Pillow
  8. Green Antique Rug
  9. Nook Chandelier
  10. Faux Plant
  11. Faux Palm
  12. Velvet Drapes
  13. Curtain Rods
  14. Accent Table
  15. Accent Chair
  16. Dining Chair
  17. Dining Table
  18. Dining Bench
  19. Armed Sconce
  20. Crystal Chandelier
  21. Ceiling Fan
  22. Antique Cream Rug
  23. Trunk Coffee Table
  24. Side Chairs
  25. Double Sconce Light
  26. Bird Wallpaper

Again, many thanks to Wayfair for helping us create a place to call home for The Gee's.

Shop Traveling Home Episode 7: Tonga Inspired Exterior

Shop Traveling Home Episode 7: Tonga Inspired Exterior


Welcome to exterior week! This week our favorite family is in Tonga and were SO inspired by how green everything was! Together with Andy and Candis they chose a beautiful green and cream color scheme for the exterior of the home and furnished the outdoor living spaces with incredible pieces from Wayfair!

Did you know that Wayfair has sooo many amazing outdoor pieces like outdoor rugs, lights and furniture?! We were so happy with the selection. One of our favorite items were the carriage lights. They fit just perfectly with the historic vibe of the house and seriously, the outdoor patio set is just perfect and really makes the whole home feel welcoming!

Shop the room below!


(Prices and items shown reflect time of publishing, and can change as they go on sale, etc!)

  1. Outdoor Rug
  2. Arm Sconce Lights
  3. Stripped Outdoor Rug
  4. Faux Plant
  5. Carriage Lights
  6. Outdoor Furniture Set
  7. Large Outdoor Plant
  8. Lantern

Again, many thanks to Wayfair for helping us create a home for The Gee's.

Shop Traveling Home Episode 5: Fiji Inspired Bathroom

Shop Traveling Home Episode 5: Fiji Inspired Bathroom


Welcome to our indoor/outdoor bathroom week! This is one of Garrett's (@garrettgee of @thebucketlistfamily) most looked-forward-to rooms! The Gee's absolutely love the water and this bathroom was inspired by the waterfalls of Fiji! Andy and Candis had the biggest tub ever made and it looks beautiful against the tile and minimalist decor.

A very special thanks to Wayfair for their amazing products...did you know that they have SO MANY building materials like tile, sinks and faucets?!  Seriously, so great.

One of our favorite things in this space from Wayfair is the tile. It's an incredible cement tile with a beautiful pattern that really sets the tone of the room. Candis wanted the bathroom to still feel like it fit with the rest of the 1920's house so she chose a console sink with brass legs and a towel holder detail. The brass Delta faucets were a special request from Garrett--he wanted something that could be full pressure hot OR cold, so these were a perfect fit!

Shop the room below!


(Prices and items shown reflect time of publishing, and can change as they go on sale, etc!)

  1. Turkish Bath Towel $34.99
  2. Cement Tile $26.76 sq/ft
  3. Sink Faucet $217.00
  4. Round Mirror $100.48
  5. Shower Faucet $191.77
  6. Towel Hooks $22.99
  7. Hand Towel $33.99
  8. Peacock Decor $51.62
  9. Console Sink $507.59

Again, many thanks to Wayfair for helping us make this room special!

Shop Traveling Home Episode 4: Kenya Inspired Kids Room

Shop Traveling Home Episode 4: Kenya Inspired Kids Room

This week Andy and Candis turned a small space into a BIG kids room, complete with custom built-in bunk beds for Dorothy, Manilla and Cali!  We teamed up with Wayfair to create an adorable and functional Kenya inspired space!

One of our favorite things in this space is the antique of a kind and very affordable! Even though we snagged this exact one up, there are many more waiting for you at Wayfair! The new vintage inspired trunk is perfect toy storage and even has a lid that stays put when you open it. The mattresses are suuuuper comfortable and the giraffe lamp is seriously one of the cutest things we have ever seen!

Shop the room below!

(Prices subject to this time of publication the current promotion on Wayfair is "Black Friday in July" and there are some killer deals :))


  1. Faux Succulent Planter $29.99
  2. Black Faux Succulent Planter $29.99
  3. Small Succulent Planter $16.99
  4. Antique Rug (similar, these are one-of-a-kind) $315.99
  5. Zebra Mask $22.99
  6. Giraffe Mask $39.99
  7. Giraffe Lamp $100.99
  8. Giraffe Plaque $36.99
  9. Nautical Lights $113.99
  10. Upholstered Chest $140.99
  11. Ombre Drapes $36.49
  12. Giraffe Quilts $110.00
  13. Striped Rug $52.99
  14. Orange and Cream Pillow $30.99
  15. Dorothy's Pillow $29.60
  16. Manilla's Pillow $28.99
  17. Twin Mattresses $354.46
  18. Campaign Dresser $319.17

Again, many thanks to Wayfair for making the room so beautiful!

Shop Traveling Home Episode 3: Tanzania Inspired Guest Room

Shop Traveling Home Episode 3: Tanzania Inspired Guest Room

GUYS. This guest room is SO cozy and fun! While Garrett, Jess + crew were in Tanzania, our designers Andy and Candis transformed this lower level guest suite into a Tanzania inspired getaway...complete with a reading nook! Wayfair has been so incredibly amazing to work with...from mood board to delivery, they are making these beautiful rooms happen!

This week we incorporated not ONE, but TWO vintage rugs, and maybe the prettiest wallpaper of all and gold perfection. And can we just say: the TRUNK is maybe the most beautiful thing we have ever seen!

Shop the room below!

  1. Upholstered Headboard $298.30
  2. Tanzania Inspired Pillow $71.99
  3. Coverlet Set $118.99
  4. Set of Pillows $76.99
  5. Full Mattress $365.35
  6. Set of 2 Indoor/Outdoor Chairs $609.99
  7. Dresser $310.72
  8. Trunk Nightstand $661.00
  9. Antique Rug $319.99
  10. Hanging Light $194.65
  11. Black and Gold Wallpaper $1.28 sq/ft ($183.98 total)
  12. Vinyl Grasscloth Wallpaper $.52 sq/ft ($231.92 total)
  13. Textured Pouf $96.99
  14. Faux Sheepskin Rug $160.99
  15. Antique Rug $333.99
  16. Fringe Pillow $76.99
  17. PomPom Pillow $85.99
  18. Woven Pillow $92.99

Again, many thanks to Wayfair for helping us make the Gee's house their home!

Shop Traveling Home Episode 2: Morocco Inspired Bedroom

Shop Traveling Home Episode 2: Morocco Inspired Bedroom

WOW. We are so overwhelmed by the amazing response we've already had for Traveling Home! We are so happy that you are enjoying this adventure!

This week's room: The Master Bedroom. The Bucket List Family traveled to Morocco and asked Andy and Candis to make their bedroom a dream space. We enlisted the help of Wayfair to make it all possible!

The overall theme for the bedroom was somewhat minimalist, well traveled and a little vintage.

Shop the look below!


Biggest surprise this week on Wayfair.....their selection of ANTIQUE RUGS!!! No more frantically trying to outbid people or scouring back rooms of antique stores for us!

  1. Star Lights $247.50
  2. Linen Sheet (for canopy) $460.00
  3. Upholstered Headboard $179.99
  4. Fringe Pillow $59.99
  5. Antique Rug (shop similar) $1,09.99
  6. Linen Sheets $87.99
  7. Blue Cotton Blanket $37.99
  8. Orange Cotton Blanket $39.99
  9. Chenille Coverlet $99.99
  10. Inlaid Mirror $559.99
  11. Boxsprings $152.91
  12. Bedframe $63.99
  13. King Mattress $465.99
  14. Tasseled Drapes $29.99
  15. Patterend Poufs $112.38
  16. Patterend Poufs $112.38
  17. Small Lantern $15.99
  18. Large Lantern $99.99

Again, many thanks to Wayfair for helping us make the Gee's house their home!

Shop Traveling Home Episode 1: Brazil Inspired Kitchen

Shop Traveling Home Episode 1: Brazil Inspired Kitchen

This has been a very exciting week! We announced our latest show: Traveling Home with The Bucket List Family and are so thrilled with the response already! We can't wait to share each room with you week by week as we remodel and decorate Garrett and Jessica's beach cottage.

This week's room: The Kitchen. The Bucket List Family traveled to Brazil and tasked our at-home experts, Andy and Candis, to create a space that felt fresh and vibrant. We enlisted the help of Wayfair to make it all possible!

Our favorite thing about Wayfair is definitely the vast selection that it offers. While designing the space, Candis had A LOT to chose from but she was able to use some of their amazing website features to make her job a little easier. Her favorite was the ability to add a "heart" to a product, save it in the correct room or project and then create a mood board for that project.

From that mood board, she could really see what was working together and what wasn't, make quick changes, and see visually how the room would come together! We thought we'd share that board with you!

The most shocking thing for Candis was how extensive their home improvement offerings were! She could order beautiful appliances, the most perfect farmhouse sink ever AND rugs and plants, all in one place. It was easy to search, easy to organize and most of all, fun to see it all come together.


  1. Backsplash Tile $22.53/sq.ft.
  2. Everyday Dishes $23.83
  3. Brass and Glass Sconces $68.99
  4. Colorful Bowls $21.99
  5. Heavy Duty Brass Brackets $116.99
  6. Brass and Frosted Glass Ceiling Lights $350.00
  7. Set of Ramekins $12.99
  8. Colorful Canisters $54.99
  9. Smeg Fridge $3,179.99
  10. Smeg 36" Range $2,039.99
  11. Small Succulents $30.99
  12. Cutting Boards $39.99
  13. Pantry Wallpaper $2.00/sq.ft
  14. Natural Fiber Rug $103.99
  15. Faux Palm Leaves $58.99
  16. Brass Flatware $124.99
  17. Pots and Pans Set $49.99
  18. Stripped Hand Towel $23.99
  19. Faux Succulent $75.99
  20. Farmhouse Sink $692.99
  21. Brass Faucet $579.99

We want to thank Wayfair not only for having an amazing website and offering, but for being incredible people to work with! The Bucket List Family home is going to be absolutely beautiful thanks to them!

Win This House! Guest Suite Reveal

Win This House! Guest Suite Reveal

Caterpillar ---->Butterfly!

If you've watched Episode 4 of Win This House! You'll know that this room was a cute little addition onto the house that originally served as a summer kitchen, and finding shiplap intact under all the layers of wallpaper and drywall after all these years was better than just about ANYTHING, not to mention super rare...especially in Utah!!

All we know is that this house continues to surprise us in all the best ways!!

Considering the layout and location of the room, we wanted this space to feel like a cozy bungalow getaway. After coming back from the LIVE we got to work immediately, getting that shiplap painted and ready for the next few days of busywork ahead!

Since it was originally a summer kitchen, there wasn't a closet in this room so we went ahead and added one using a stock cabinet from IKEA with some molding on top and custom hardware to give it that "built-in" look. It's seriously the best trick ever and gave this room the space and storage it needed to be a proper bedroom.  Add our favorite carpet tiles on the floor and with the red rug (that you all so kindly chose too, thanks for the help, guys!) adding a much-needed pop of color, some artwork, comfy bedding too.  We were set!

Meanwhile, the Euro-inspired bathroom down the hall was getting its own makeover with beautiful black and white classic tile and another gorgeous stained glass window to let the light shine through.

So good, right? Euro-Inspired bathroom dreams do come true!

The finished result of this combined guest suite was so cozy and light and welcoming through and through, we hope you agree and love it as much as we do!

We're getting closer and closer to giving this house away, have you entered to win yet? You can do that on our Facebook page HERE, just click the Sweepstakes tab on the left-hand side of the page. If you're on mobile you can go to and enter there.

We can't wait! 

Images via Madeline Beeton

*All the details and links to the guest suite are posted below! 


[show_ms_widget id="35991824" image_id="41851387" width="850" height="1808"]

1. Flush Mount Industrial Light Fixture | 2. Modern Light Sconces | 3. Wall Hooks | 4. Double Curtain Rod | 5. Wardrobe | 6. Water Pitcher | 7. Jewelry Dish | 8. Modern Nightstands | 9. Curtain Panels | 10. Metal Headboard | 11. Bedsheets | 12. Duvet | 13. Cream Accent Pillow | 14. Faux Fur Accent Pillow | 15. Blue Accent Pillow | 16. Denim Lumbar Pillow | 17. Bedspread | 18. Throw Blanket | 19. Bathrobes | 20. Felt Storage Basket | 21. Red Floral Rug | 22. Classic Art Download | 23. Classic Art Download


[show_ms_widget id="35991866" image_id="41851438" width="431" height="685"]

1. Black Subway Tile | 2. White Subway Tile | 3. Spiral Black and White Tile | 4. Oval Picture Frame | 5. Art Deco Wall Mirror | 6. Wall Hooks | 7. Accent Rug | 8. Topiary | 9. Marble Top Side Table | 10. Woven Storage Basket | 11. Turkish Towels | 12. Succulent Plant | 13. Bath Soap | 14. Shea Butter Cream

Win This House! Master Suite Reveal

Win This House! Master Suite Reveal

Looking at the master bedroom space in the giveaway house at the present, you'd never know the kind of neglected disaster that existed there just a few short weeks before.

Truthfully, it was a bit overwhelming but you know, this ain't our first rodeo so when the time came we rolled up our sleeves and got to work! Those blessed and beautiful original hardwood floors were still intact so we started with the basics: a sand and new stain for those, fresh drywall, crown molding, trim, and of course a picture rail too. The room was begging for a little bit ( okay, a lot) of fancy so we brought out the perfect shade of pink paint, added in a custom built DIY canopy and a fluffy white duvet, and of course... THE most perfect modern chandelier too. We LOVE mixing classic design with modern elements, especially when it comes to the light fixtures. It's just so much fun and definitely keeps things visually interesting.

Add in a few antiques, some fresh fall florals, and voíla.

Perfection. Hipster Grandma, at your service!

Ugh, we love it so so much and hope whoever gets to call this amazing historic house "home", will too.

In case you missed it, the Master Suite reveal can be found HERE and while you're at it...don't forget to enter the Sweepstakes to win this house HERE! 

You can find all the sourcing info we've got included at the end of this post, simply click on the image or on the number guided links below! 

*Photography via Ashley Thalman Photo





[show_ms_widget id="35991430" image_id="41850921" width="1000" height="1900"]

1. Modern Chandelier | 2. Lamp Shade | 3. Lamp Base | 4. Duvet Set | 5. Nightstands | 6. Calvados Bed | 7. Sunburst Mirror | 8. Paint Swatch | 9. Drapes | 10. Getty Images Download | 11. Vintage Rug



Win This House! The Kitchen Reveal

Win This House! The Kitchen Reveal

Whenever we get the chance to restore an old home we love working on the kitchen because kitchens are basically the entire life center of a home. Everyone tends to congregate in the kitchen sooner or later because that's where the magic happens, right?


What happened in this kitchen turned out to be pretty freakin' magical indeed. From the custom stained glass windows (patterned after the original wallpaper sample we found during the demolition process) to the floor to ceiling subway tile wall, the charcoal cabinets YOU chose, the waterfall peninsula, the pendant lights. It's everything we could have hoped for and has all the components to make whoever wins this house extremely happy...we hope (insert prayer hands emoji)!!

If you haven't seen the kitchen reveal episode you can find that HERE

At any rate, here's the charcoal kitchen that YOU chose, packed full of all the upgrades a person could ever want. It's all kinds of fancy and functional, two of our very favorite things!

Find all the sourcing details at the end of the post and be sure to keep watching Win This House and enter our sweepstakes to win!

*Photography by Lizzy Pinckney





All appliances are from Anvil Appliances in Salt Lake City, UT

Subway tile from Home Depot

Farmhouse Undermount Sink, Sink Faucet, and Pot Filler via Standard Plumbing Supply

Cabinets and doors are stock from Ikea, paint color included below!


[show_ms_widget id="35991428" image_id="41850919" width="1000" height="2000"]

1. Brass Sconces | 2. Modern Globe Pendants | 3. Cabinet And Trim Paint Swatch | 4. Farmhouse Barstools | 5. Brass Drawer Pulls | 6. Cabinet Hardware | 7. Ceramic Pitcher | 8. Pink Tumblers | 9. Dinner Plates | 10. Cutting Board | 11. Placemats | 12. Tiered Serving Tray | 13. Flatware | 14. Chenille Throw | 15. Bulldog Cookie Jar | 16. Bowls | 17. Bench | 18. Floral Rug | 19. Natural Fiber Runner