The #1 Trend in homes…SHIPLAP!

The #1 Trend in homes…SHIPLAP!

Shiplap…how did we ever live without it?! It doesn’t matter if you discover it in an old house (remember when we found it in the Sparrow House Guest Bedroom?!) or create it from scratch in your new home, it really is the perfect “pop” in any home! We get a lot of questions about HOW to DIY Shiplap in your own home if it isn’t pre-existing in the structure. It may sound like a daunting task, but it really is doable for just about anyone to DIY. We recently did this in one of our Old Sweet Home episodes and walk you through the entire process there! You can watch the full episode of our DIY shiplap wall HERE.

Design: Raili Clasen Design Photo: Ryan Garvin

ALSO….We are revealing our BIG announcement TOMORROW!!! Can you believe it’s finally here?! We have been itching to tell the world and can’t wait to finally share what we've been working on with each of you! Tune in tomorrow by following us on Instagram and Facebook!

2 Stunning Statement Walls

2 Stunning Statement Walls

Can you believe we are only 2 DAYS away from our big reveal?! We're so excited to be sharing TWO stunning statement wall ideas with you today! We always find ourselves breathless when we walk into a room with a giant mural wall to greet us and think that they make the perfect addition to ANY home-no matter what your style.


Nature Inspired Mural Walls

Design: Emily Henderson |  Photos by Tessa Neustadt

One of the best things about doing a vinyl or a wallpaper mural is the ability to put just about anything you could ever dream up on your wall. From creating a custom print or ordering a bold wallpaper, it’s a great way to use your creativity in a space. Not only that, but with so many easily removable wallpapers these days, it's easy to take down when your feeling the itch for some change (cue angels singing). It’s especially fun to create a mural that brings the magic of the outside world into your home. We recently created a DIY Vinyl Wallpaper in one of our episodes of Old Sweet Home. To view the full tutorial, click HERE.


Non-Traditional Material Walls

Design: Kelly Wearstler Photo: Roger Davies

When most people think "statement wall" the first thing that comes to mind usually involves a bold wallpaper. We love the idea of using more non-traditional material for a statement wall to really pack a punch. This tiled bathroom is the perfect example of how to use a bold pattern using a non-traditional material that really makes a statement that your guests will never forget!


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3 of Our Favorite Staircases

3 of Our Favorite Staircases

Staircases are often on of the most ignored spaces in our homes, yet we all use and abuse them daily! Why not make something you have to walk up and down every day pretty??? In honor of our countdown until our announcement this Sunday (eeeeek!), here are our THREE favorite statement staircases for you to incorporate into your home without breaking the bank.


Painted Staircase

Design + Photo : Ishka Designs

We love the idea of painting staircases to create a statement in your house without breaking the bank! Pick a bold color you love and go with it (we're loving yellow lately)! If you're worried about the paint gradually rubbing off due to a high volume of foot traffic, paint only the face of the stairs and not the top (as pictured above).


 Mural Staircase

Design: Old Home Love | Photo: Chaunte Vaughn

If your really wanting to make a statement, THIS is the staircase for you! Not only is this staircase a TOTALLY doable to DIY, it’s also really affordable and quick to do! To view the full tutorial by Old Home Love, click HERE.


Classic Wood Staircase

Design + Photo : Wit & Delight

If you're lucky enough to score one of these staircases that’s salvageable in your home, send us ALL the pictures!!! There is nothing more timeless and beautiful than the craftsmanship of a wood staircase. If your stairs are looking dingy and need a little loving, we recommend sanding them down and putting on a new coat of stain. It's an easy spruce up and the results are a classic staircase that you will love and have in your home forever!


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4 Ways to Use Open Concept Shelving in Your Home

4 Ways to Use Open Concept Shelving in Your Home

Using open concept shelving in your home can seem sooo daunting at times. One of the most common questions we get is where to put it, and once you find a spot for it, WHAT exactly do you even do with it??? To celebrate our BIG announcement coming this Sunday, we’re sharing 4 of our favorite spaces and ways to use open shelving in your home. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our big reveal this Sunday!

The Kitchen

Design: Marie Flanigan Interiors | Photo: Whitney Eveport

The kitchen is one of our FAVORITE spaces to use open shelving. Not only is it a statement, but also SO functional. Simply throw some simple dish ware and breadboards on, and you’re ready to go! If you’re struggling to keep the shelves from looking ‘cluttered’ we generally recommend sticking with three colors or less, and grouping similar items together.

Bathroom Storage

Design: Nadine & Matt Abramacyk | Photo: Douglas Friedman

Open concept shelving is often harder to come by in the bathroom as most people fear all of their ‘personals’ on display for the world to see (and let’s be real, it’s a fear for good reason...). Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way…you really can hide your prescription drugs + deodorant AND have pretty bathroom shelving too! We recommend combining open shelving with lower cabinetry, and if that’s not an option, use baskets with lids to keep all of your personal bathroom items hidden + tidy.

Dining/Living Space

Design+ Photo : Jenny Komenda

One of the best parts about open shelving in a dining or living space is the creativity and endless possibilities that accompany it. Don’t shy away from using a variety of plants, textures, and art prints to create a playful and fun space!

Kid’s Bedroom

Design: Caitlin Wilson | Photo: Elijah Hoffman

Open shelving in the kid’s room is the perfect way to create a functional and fun space that your kids can really play in (that’s what it’s all about in the end right?!) Place open baskets on lower shelves so the kids have easy access to take out (and hopefully put away…we can dream right?) their toys and use upper shelving for the more “fluffy” decorative statement pieces.


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DIY: Vinyl Wallpaper

DIY: Vinyl Wallpaper


Mostly because we're so dang happy with the way it turned out. All our fellow DIY lovers know that sometimes the end result doesn't always match the original vision BUTTTTT in this case, we're pleased to report that it's even better and as Candis said, "a totally do-able job".

DIY vinyl wallpaper, let's get to it!


  • High-resolution image of your choice
  • Outdoor vinyl, professionally printed (more on in the next paragraph)
  • A hard plastic scraper, credit card can work but we recommend something a little more sturdy
  • Xacto knife, razor blade or box cutter


You need to know the general height and length of the space you're working with so that you can order enough vinyl and have a little extra in case you trim it short or hang it a little wonky and need to re-evaluate. Not that we did that...*COUGH


We chose a classic masters painting from the 1600's for this project and downloaded for FREE (in high resolution) from the Getty Museum through their Open Content program. You can find that download HERE.

Original download:

There are so many other free downloads out there, available for private use from sources like The Met, TIME, and of course The Getty too. It's one of our favorite go-to's for all sorts of fun projects.


I opened the image in Photoshop and cropped it to overall size on the portion of the painting I loved most. Photoshop is great because it automatically tries to make the image look good large. Since you're taking it to a professional shop to print you can let the program decide the dpi. Your vinyl shop will likely adjust the dpi or ppi for you to optimize the image, just instruct them to make it look as good as they can large.
We had the image repeat itself 3 times, so we had three different rolls of the same painting and the finished effect would flow together beautifully. No weird abrupt seams. The cropped image I sent to the printer looked like this:


 Find a local sign printing shop that prints on outdoor vinyl, most cities have at least one or two. Put your friend Google to work and search out the nearest one to you. We used Signs By Tomorrow in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
Tell them you need a piece of outdoor vinyl printed and cut. We sized ours 24" tall for this "wallpaper" and printed our image in strips approximately 6 feet long 9 (???).  We ended up using lighter weight outdoor vinyl that comes with an adhesive back.
Hot off the press!
 Bruce, The Vinyl Guy, sent us home with these rolls of gorgeousness and we were ready to rock!


Unroll your vinyl and mark your center point which where you want it to hang on the wall. Take that center mark and align it with the center of the wall you're working on. Tape to wall or ceiling just to give yourself an anchor. Then slowly peel a section of the backing away and stick to the wall.


Peel the adhesive backing away and use your scraper to smooth over the top to prevent wrinkles or air bubbles as you peel and adhere to the wall. Work from the middle out, finishing one side and then go back and do the other. Just keep peeling and smoothing with your scraper. If you do get some bubbles or wrinkles, don't stress! You just use an Exacto knife to make a small slit to let the air out and then smooth it out. Nobody is worse for the wear. Depending on what print you choose, wrinkles can just add character!
Take care to make sure your vinyl stays level as you're unpeeling the backing and sticking to the wall. Sometimes as you go it will start to head uphill at an angle, you can't pull it back and re-stick so pay attention as you go along to keep it as straight as you can. It's definitely a two person job!

Smooth up and use your scraper to really press the vinyl into the corners.


Once your piece has applied the length of the wall you need to trim it. Carefully use an Exacto knife or box cutter and trim off your excess vinyl. If you want to get a straight edge you can use a ruler or meter stick to help guide you. In old houses, the walls and ceilings are rarely level so Candis just eyeballed it and trimmed by hand. Thanks to the picture rail she didn't have to be super careful on the bottom!


Again, start from the middle and work one specific direction. Use your scraper to smooth the vinyl as you go as it can lift a little as you peel. If you fall a little short when you get to a corner, you can just make up the difference and overlap the piece you have for the next wall.

Be sure to step back and admire your work as you go, doesn't it look AMAZING??? We love how the texture and minor imperfections of our walls show up in the image, making it look like a custom oil painting. So great!

Voîla!  High five your helper and you did it!

Totally custom vinyl wallpaper at your service.

Modern White Dresser, A West Elm Inspired Ikea Hack

Modern White Dresser, A West Elm Inspired Ikea Hack

Oh Ikea, we just can't quit your hacks. Especially when they're as amazing as this modern white dresser Ikea hack from Kristina Lynne, Looking straight out of a West Elm catalog, ya'll.

Kristina took a basic pine IKEA TARVA dresser and had her husband help her shave the legs down to reflect a more MCM vibe. Then she painted it white and swapped the knobs for these cool modern brass ones, added a deep stain on the legs and voìla!  The hardest part was assembling the dang dresser which, hey, we've all been there right? Swearing over Swedish instructions while gripping a tiny Allen wrench in our sweaty fingers, pure torture. Any Ikea hack or any Ikea assembly, in general, is going to give you these same problems. The transformation is the easy part!

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