Win This House! Guest Suite Reveal

Win This House! Guest Suite Reveal

Caterpillar ---->Butterfly!

If you've watched Episode 4 of Win This House! You'll know that this room was a cute little addition onto the house that originally served as a summer kitchen, and finding shiplap intact under all the layers of wallpaper and drywall after all these years was better than just about ANYTHING, not to mention super rare...especially in Utah!!

All we know is that this house continues to surprise us in all the best ways!!

Considering the layout and location of the room, we wanted this space to feel like a cozy bungalow getaway. After coming back from the LIVE we got to work immediately, getting that shiplap painted and ready for the next few days of busywork ahead!

Since it was originally a summer kitchen, there wasn't a closet in this room so we went ahead and added one using a stock cabinet from IKEA with some molding on top and custom hardware to give it that "built-in" look. It's seriously the best trick ever and gave this room the space and storage it needed to be a proper bedroom.  Add our favorite carpet tiles on the floor and with the red rug (that you all so kindly chose too, thanks for the help, guys!) adding a much-needed pop of color, some artwork, comfy bedding too.  We were set!

Meanwhile, the Euro-inspired bathroom down the hall was getting its own makeover with beautiful black and white classic tile and another gorgeous stained glass window to let the light shine through.

So good, right? Euro-Inspired bathroom dreams do come true!

The finished result of this combined guest suite was so cozy and light and welcoming through and through, we hope you agree and love it as much as we do!

We're getting closer and closer to giving this house away, have you entered to win yet? You can do that on our Facebook page HERE, just click the Sweepstakes tab on the left-hand side of the page. If you're on mobile you can go to and enter there.

We can't wait! 

Images via Madeline Beeton

*All the details and links to the guest suite are posted below! 


[show_ms_widget id="35991824" image_id="41851387" width="850" height="1808"]

1. Flush Mount Industrial Light Fixture | 2. Modern Light Sconces | 3. Wall Hooks | 4. Double Curtain Rod | 5. Wardrobe | 6. Water Pitcher | 7. Jewelry Dish | 8. Modern Nightstands | 9. Curtain Panels | 10. Metal Headboard | 11. Bedsheets | 12. Duvet | 13. Cream Accent Pillow | 14. Faux Fur Accent Pillow | 15. Blue Accent Pillow | 16. Denim Lumbar Pillow | 17. Bedspread | 18. Throw Blanket | 19. Bathrobes | 20. Felt Storage Basket | 21. Red Floral Rug | 22. Classic Art Download | 23. Classic Art Download


[show_ms_widget id="35991866" image_id="41851438" width="431" height="685"]

1. Black Subway Tile | 2. White Subway Tile | 3. Spiral Black and White Tile | 4. Oval Picture Frame | 5. Art Deco Wall Mirror | 6. Wall Hooks | 7. Accent Rug | 8. Topiary | 9. Marble Top Side Table | 10. Woven Storage Basket | 11. Turkish Towels | 12. Succulent Plant | 13. Bath Soap | 14. Shea Butter Cream

Win This House! : Kids’ Bunkroom Reveal

Win This House! : Kids’ Bunkroom Reveal

We gotta say, kids' rooms are our JAM and this bunkroom does not disappoint!

It's full of all kinds of details that really make the space something special and truly unique. We think this delightful bunkroom really represents so many of the best things about childhood and we are absolutely thrilled to share it with you all, and especially the future occupants who get to call this room their own.

It's just so much fun unlocking our imaginations and letting them run wild a little bit when it comes to exploring all the things that have the potential to make a shared room for your kids really special and really smart, especially when it comes to capitalizing space and storage.

After the built-in bunks won out over twin beds in our LIVE broadcast vote, our team set to work on making these bunks and this creative space come to life, which was no small task indeed. It's almost unbelievable that this room used to be a small kitchen instead.

Nevertheless, we pressed on and in the reveal of Episode 3, you'll see that our team magically made it happen! We built the color theme for this design off a swatch of wallpaper we found during the demolition process and knew we had to somehow incorporate back into the space.

Bunkroom ahead! Some of our favorite features about this room include:

  • Full-size mattresses over twin (unlocking the potential for guests and adults to functionally use this space as well)
  • A built-in stairwell that leads to the upper bunk
  • Storage! And more storage...
  • Extra tall ceilings! Like, we exposed the beams and left them exposed and took the ceiling up into the attic because we can't help it. WE LOVE TALL CEILINGS! (Never fear, everything is well insulated and the electricity bill for this house should not be anything out of the ordinary.)
  • Flor carpet tiles. So easy, so fast! We love using these handy little squares!
  • Roman shades and curtains made from unexpected resources. We're talking shower curtains and table runners about multi-purpose!
  • Secret bookcase leading to sleeping porch - this is one of our FAVORITE features! We're so happy we could save that sleeping porch and turn it into an amazing little play space or retreat. It's just so fun!
  • Vintage maps and art, all free downloads included in the links below!
  • Schoolhouse Pendants that YOU CHOSE! Red reading sconces. There's just so much to love!

We decided on putting in full-size bunks over twin size bunks just so that we could cover our bases in case this room was to be used as something other than a kids' room. It was no small task as you can see, the kind of custom woodworking and craftsmanship that went into creating these beautiful beds was nothing short of miraculous and the end result made us feel so pleased.

High-fives all around!

If you haven't watched Episode 3 of Win This House! Now's your chance. Find the episode link HERE.

All the sourcing for this post is included at the end. No need to wonder where those pendant lights came from or how to score the free art downloads for yourself. We've included all the links below and made it so dang easy! 


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1. Schoolhouse Pendant Light | 2. Vintage Art (Getty Museum) | 3. Pennant Flags | 4. Dresser | 5. Lamps | 6. Red Sconces | 7. Bedspreads | 8. Storage Baskets | 9. Plaid Throw Pillow| 10. Red Velvet Throw Pillow | 11. Flor Carpet Tiles | 12. Vintage Map Download (free) | 13. "Ramie" Sherwin Williams | 14. "Roman Column" Sherwin Williams| 15. Roman Shade Fabric  | 16. Gingham Curtain Fabric | 17. Throw Blanket | 18. Plaid Throw Pillow | 19. Cream Throw Pillow | 20. Storage Bench | 21. Vintage Animal Print Download (free) | 22. Toboggan| 23.  Stuffed Giraffe 


Why You Need A  Sputnik Chandelier In Your Life, Right Now!

Why You Need A Sputnik Chandelier In Your Life, Right Now!

Today's incredible solar eclipse seen in variations of totality across the U.S. has us thinking about all things space age and celestial so naturally, we're gravitating toward a sputnik chandelier and every variation thereof.


Sputnik or starburst chandeliers, call them what you like. They've been around since the glory days of the Atomic Age and really peaked between 1950-1960.

Maybe your mind is wandering to Don Draper and Mad Men (my mind wanders there a lot, I don't blame you...) and you'd be exactly right, the sputnik chandelier was a lighting design staple back then, deep in the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic.

Even if MCM design isn't exactly your jam, you can still rock a sputnik. That's what makes it so great! Sputnik chandeliers have this way of transcending nearly every type of design style and feeling right at home. They're that one kid we all knew who managed to be popular without even trying.

Effortlessly cool, (just like me).

So really what we're saying is if you don't already have a sputnik chandelier and you've been thinking deeply about it, just get one. Everyone needs a sputnik.

lead image: Spruce Interior via Apartment Therapy | image 1: Desire To Inspire | image 2: West Elm Vega

Art In The Kitchen – 5 Things To Consider

Art In The Kitchen – 5 Things To Consider

Art in the kitchen, let's discuss. After featuring this gorgeous image from Chris Barrett Design last week on our Instagram feed, I've been spending an unholy amount of time thinking about it in part because it's beautiful and also because I'm hungry. Someone feed me already!

Considering that the kitchen is a natural gathering point in a home, you think it would be a great place to display some art but for logistical reasons,  some people are hesitant to do that. Even still, I think the kitchen can be a great if unconventional, place to display some art as long as you make a few considerations.

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Open Shelving – Is It Right For You?

Open Shelving – Is It Right For You?

Deciding to commit to open shelving can feel a little bit like opening up your underwear drawer for everyone to see. A real risk if you know what I mean.

If you're not the most organized or have any hoarding tendencies whatsoever, open shelves have a way of forcing your hand. You can't just jam stuff in a cupboard and shut the door. No more "out of sight out of mind". There's also the argument that open shelves just give dust and grease a place to settle in and get comfy. This may definitely be true if your shelves are hosting stuff you don't use on a regular basis.

EVEN SO, we're big fans of the open shelving done right (and organized underwear drawers) for a lot of reasons. Adding open shelving in place of more traditional cabinetry can really open up your space and instantly make things feel bigger and brighter. You can count on easy access to your most used kitchen goods and say "bye Felicia" to clunky cabinets and slamming doors.

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All White Aesthetic: Boring or BINGO?

All White Aesthetic: Boring or BINGO?

all white aesthetic

If you want to go ahead and draw a line in the sand when it comes to design, you just need to toss out one topic:

Team All White Aesthetic or Team Anything Else...

We've never seen a design trend that has such a devoted, almost cult-like, following as the all-white movement does. It dominates the design blogging scene and is a powerful presence on home design and makeover shows as well. I seriously don't know if I've opened up my Instagram feed in the past 3 years without scrolling past a pic of an all-white room in some facet or another. I'm sure you can relate.

People make the argument that the all white aesthetic lacks personality. I've heard complaints left and right about how unwelcoming, cold and generally boring white can be.

all white aesthetic

On one hand, I majorly get it. White can be all of those things if you're not careful and we are definitely seeing way too much of the same stuff over and over.

White saturation overload.

But on the other hand, white is also pretty timeless. People have literally been decorating their homes using white as a foundation since anyone started caring about that sort of thing. So while this recent surge in an all-white aesthetic is definitely TRENDY, you only have to take a look around the world to see that in some areas, minimalistic white is a way of life. Greece,'s friggin' classic!

You can't argue with the fact that a white aesthetic provides a pretty fantastic blank canvas to start from. It's easy to add drama and color with your other design choices, tossing in a patterned kilim rug or textured wall hanging, colorful tile or artwork, throw pillows, hanging plants, whatever. White can give off a well-designed vibe with minimal effort.

White can be a safe place to start. White means you don't have to commit to something more serious, it's budget-friendly (there are some seriously great shades of white that won't break the bank) and gives you some flexibility when you're feeling overwhelmed by your 27 different inspiration boards on Pinterest...SO MANY CHOICES TO MAKE! all white aesthetic

White is also an easy and affordable way to make your space feel bigger and can really open up a room that otherwise might feel small. These are all design choices to consider when you're caught up in conflicted feelings on the issue of whether or not white is the way to go.

I say don't sweat it.

There's really no need to take a hardline stance on either side of the debate. Yeah, maybe the all white aesthetic is overdone right now, but it's also pretty classic and won't ever fully go away, nor should it! Trendy stuff tends to ebb out over time and we should start seeing the current wave of white overload start to recede a little bit as personal tastes grow and evolve.

Maybe white works for you, maybe it doesn't. Either way, you get to choose.

Ain't it a wonderful world?!

lead image: Domaine | image 1: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home | image 2:  Design Sponge | image 3:  Domino

All you white devotees, if I missed something here maybe you can help explain your obsession a little bit better? I wanna know why YOU love your white! And if you went the opposite direction from white (colors, much?), I definitely want to hear about that too. 

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