Black Subway Tile On Repeat And Floor To Ceiling Too

Black Subway Tile On Repeat And Floor To Ceiling Too

Jenny Komenda from Little Green Notebook is here to show us how black subway tile is DONE...floor to ceiling with a white epoxy grout of course. Designing to meet both form and function is no easy task but oh man, I love the end result ESPECIALLY when it so thoroughly meets the needs of the family occupying it.

Designing this bathroom for a family with three little boys, Jenny added in concrete floors, a trough sink, and a urinal too (at the homeowner's request). It's basically bullet proof, and so so cool.

Notice how she offset all that tile with different finishes on the fixtures and the mirror, mixing in some texture with natural woods and fibers, and of course, that amazing vintage rug.

As a mom of three boys (with terrible aim) myself, I can't help but wish this bathroom was mine, urinal and all. That floor to ceiling tile paired with that trough sink makes for easy cleanup and there's definitely room for all with a double faucet bonus.

Honestly, it's just the bathroom of my boy mom dreams.

Black subway tile, would you ever consider it?  Pretty sure I would after seeing this bathroom, let's discuss! 


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  • Chelle October 29, 2017 at 6:52 am

    I love this! Beautiful, simple & sylish.

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