10 Amazon Favorites For A Quick Bathroom Refresh

10 Amazon Favorites For A Quick Bathroom Refresh

A stylish and budget friendly bathroom refresh is easy to do with the help of our old pal, Amazon Prime. With free shipping on these Amazon favorites, you can save yourself a trip to a you know where, wandering the aisles, maybe with kids in tow, and come home with an extra $200 worth of stuff you mos def don't need when all you came for was a dang shower curtain.

We relate, and that's all we're gonna say.

Amazon to the rescue! Here are our top picks for a quick bathroom refresh, all shoppable from the comfort of your own home. Pick one or two or add all 10 to your cart if you please, enjoy!


Double sided shower curtain hooks, $14.95 - These things are a real lifesaver if you're dealing with a fabric shower curtain and a liner. No more messing with tiny clasps or loops, and easy to swap if your preferences change (which they will). It's amazing how grimy these get anyway and what a huge difference such a tiny change can make.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod, $33.99 - Curved shower rods are a game changer, they really class up a tub/shower situation and give you additional room to maneuver in there, because there's nothing worse than a claustrophobic shower amiright? This one has great ratings and would pretty much look amazing with that octopus curtain below. You should probably get both, like right now.

Octopus Graphic Shower Curtain, $13.99 - Obsessed with this octopus curtain. Use those hooks on this curtain with the curved rod and you're basically winning everything.

Floral Shower Curtain, $37.44 - If you're prejudiced against deep sea creatures maybe try this pretty little floral curtain instead. Calgon take me away...

Surf Blue Droplet Toothbrush Holder, $10 - After years of research as to what makes the best toothbrush holder we've come to the conclusion that basic works best. This holder is the prettiest shade of blue and a steal for only $10.

Cotton Handmade Runner Rug, $35.68 - Traditional bath mats are okay in bathrooms but why have that when you can have this delightful little runner? Using a runner in a bathroom is one of my favorite things to do if your layout allows it. It's cotton and absorbent, which means it'll work just fine in a bathroom space.


Teak Shower Caddy, $69.99 - This one's a bit of a splurge but stylish shower caddies are hard to come by. This teak version adds a little bit of that wood grain accent to offset the normal chrome or metallic you'd see instead. It's water safe and has a 5-year warranty. No corrosion or rust up in this thing.

100% Turkish Cotton Bath Towels (Set of 6), $59.90 - If you haven't used a Turkish bath towel, you don't know what you're missing. They dry faster and don't hold on to that musty smell that regular bath towels often do. Add these to your bathroom arsenal and you won't regret it.


Wicker Waste Bin, $15.99 - Who says wicker is dead, it's just better as a waste basket I guess. Nicer than plastic and less generic and cold than stainless steel, it wants nothing more than to hold all your used tissues and floss. #lifegoals

Utility Rolling Cart, $58.99 - Never underestimate the usefulness of a good rolling cart, these puppies are perfect for bathroom organization and keeping that unsightly bathroom clutter under control.


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